Two Spirit Group instrumental in newly-designed website

posted Feb 19, 2010, 7:51 AM by Wayne Wieseler   [ updated Jun 8, 2013, 12:11 PM ]

Two Spirit Group was instrumental launching a new web site for the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. The new site will allow them to better communicate with their friends and neighbors in Sebastopol and surrounding area. It will also allow members to better communicate with The Center. Here is a partial list of benefits this new website allows.

Add new members

New members will be able to register for a free online subscription to the events and news happening at The Center and in the greater Sebastopol Area. Once and no more than twice a month they may receive an email from The Center letting them know what is happening at their community center. Their personal information will be secure and it will not be shared or sold.

See new classes immediately

Members will be able to see, register, and pay for new classes as they are introduced. Prior to this The Center published the Activities Guide three times a year. That meant that even if a class was ready to start, it meant waiting up to three to four months for it to be announced.

Rent facilities for event, facilities, classes

One of the most important resources The Center offers to the community is space. They have several indoor and outdoor facilities.

Efficient use of member contributions

We share your commitment to making sure the maximum use of every dollar that you donate to your community center. By automating many of our current tasks, we will ensure the maximum portion of your donations will go to programming rather than operational overhead.


This site will allow greater collaboration with other resources in the community. The Sebastopol community-focused non-profits will be able to give members visibility to various events and functions.

Events Calendar

So the members' weekend is free and they would like to take their family and friends to a community event or festival. They click on the Events Calendar button and instantly will see the vast arrange happenings at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center.

Continuing commitment to environmental sensitivity

Just as with their Solar project at the Youth Annex, they fulfill their commit to environmental sensitivity. The Center currently publishes and distributes their paper-based Activities Guide as well as many other promotional materials. In addition to this, they use volumes of paper with events and classes. By reducing their demand on resources, they commit themselves of being good custodians of our Mother Earth.

Constant quality improvement

As The Center grows their programming, they will continue to add and modify their new internet site. The Center will work with members through their input to evolve The Center's internet site to be a valued resource to the Sebastopol community.