The Art of Catherine McCauley

posted Jun 8, 2013, 10:54 AM by Wayne Wieseler   [ updated Jun 8, 2013, 1:41 PM ]

Years of experience pulled together
into one medium — encaustic painting

Catherine McCauley's artwork over the past twelve years has consisted of, for the most part, encaustic painting. With the encaustic technique, she is able to pull together years of experience with ceramics, sculpture, textiles, drawing and painting into one medium. This process lends itself to revealing a history, the creation of the work itself, by building up, then scraping back into the layers. Vibrant colors, luminosity and surface quality are merely a few of the appealing characteristics of encaustics.

Much of McCauley's work is inspired by nature and the places she has lived, from the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Santa Barbara and finally, Sonoma County. A lifetime love of the ocean inspires her palette along with themes in her paintings.

Working with beeswax enables McCauley to build, excavate, scribble, tear down and rebuild until the work’s final destination reveals itself. Accidents can happen which, most of the time, work out well. Encaustic is a wonderful process, a challenge she will continue to welcome.

McCauley's encaustics have been published in The American Art Collector, an annual juried collection of national artists. She has been teaching encaustic painting classes both privately and through Riley Street Art Supplies in Sonoma County since 2002

The Art of Catherine McCauley