Grow Your Own Website

posted Feb 24, 2012, 8:22 AM by Wayne Wieseler
Two Spirit Group provides training on Google Sites to develop your own website. We will provide training one-on-one or groups.

Getting Started

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Basics
  • General Information
  • Use Google Sites with a screen reader

Working with Sites

  • Changing How Your Site Looks
  • Controlling Access to a Site
  • Changing Your Site URL

Working with Pages

  • Creating Pages
  • Adding Content
  • Editing Page
  • Other Functions

Learn More

  • Additional Features
  • Using Google Sites on your mobile device
  • Using AdSense with Google Sites
  • Using Analytics with Google Sites
  • Using Google Sites with Google Apps
  • Using Gadgets with Google Sites
  • Using Google Webmaster Tools with Google Sites
  • Getting Started with Places and Sites
  • Troubleshooting
  • Creating automated actions for your site

Help resources

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Google Sites Help Forum
  • Showcase your site
  • "Welcome to Google Help" rap